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Teletheraphy - The New Normal

Using a secure, encrypted, confidential, mental health care compliant video interface, your child/adolescent will be able to participate in a session with me from the comfort of a private space in your home via a computer, tablet or cell phone. As your therapist, I will invite you to an online meeting by emailing you a confidential link, and then you will be instructed to download a small file called "" You will only need to download this software once. Once you click on the link sent by me, you and/or your will child log on at the designated appointment time, where they will be invited to wait in a virtual waiting room before the session begins. The software invites you to test your audio and camera while you wait. 

At the designated time the session will begin. It's that simple! The children, tweens and adolescents that I am currently working with find teletherapy quite satisfactory. They are all very comfortable with computers and screen time and enjoy the casual nature of being at home in their own space.

Once you have formally come on board as clients, I will delivery the necessary materials to your home, in the Kingston area, for your child's successful art and play-informed therapy. This arrives as a kit at no charge. I consider the kit office expenses and it eases the need for you to run around finding suitable materials.

By the time you finish the parent intake interview, you will be well informed about teletherapy, how I work, how we will proceed, what your child or adolescent can expect and how best to prepare them for their first session on line.

My practice policy is to be as clear and transparent as possible as we move forward addressing your child's needs.

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.

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