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Client Care Needs


Play therapy is not just about “play” and art therapy is not about“arts and crafts”. The 

success of these two models of therapy are deeply seated in the safety and attunement of the therapeutic relationship the child has with the therapist, the investment in imaginative self-exploration and finally, purposeful activities that make meaning for the child and are carefully observed by the therapist. Children tell their story and express their needs with a minimal amount of talking. Research has proven time and time again that play therapy leads to positive outcomes.


This is a time of accelerated growth, change and opportunity for your child but this age-group can easily get stuck in self-doubt, social challenges, anxiety and big emotions. Sadly, increased levels of stress and anxiety are dramatically affecting 20% of this age group. The results of which leads to a significant interference with their ability to positively and confidently manage everyday situations such as achievement at school, and relationships with peers, teachers and parents.


Are you a teen or the parent of a teen? Are you feeling challenged, misunderstood, or feeling pressured as a teen?  Or are you a  parent who is challenged by your teen? Depression, anger, and anxiety are common feelings that can be running the show for teens during this developmental stage of adolescence. School, social drama, Covid-19 plus dealing with family and friends equals lots of expectations.

Moving through this stage of life is hard work and as a teen you could use some support. Art and play therapy (particularly sandtray), where there is more doing and less talking could be a great fit for you. This is cool age appropriate stuff and it works! 


Parent consultation with the therapist in conjunction with your child’s play/art therapy sessions increases the child’s chances of successful treatment completion. I want you to be informed as to how you can best support your child. This is a time to ask questions, seek clarification and for us as a team to collaboratively work together to assess your child’s progress and next steps. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to assist your child while hopefully reducing your own worry, anxiety and fatigue. Please note, this is education-based support and consultation, not therapy. 

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.

Client Care
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